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December 8th, 2018 (Early Access)


Steam (PC)


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Table 9 Studio, based in Otter Lake, Michigan, USA


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Michael May

Project Lead, Table 9 Studio

Dan May

Developer, Table 9 Studio

Matt Hubel

2D Artist, Freelance

Jayna Pavlin

Character Modeller, Freelance

Nick Mastroianni

Sound Engineer, Freelance

Additional Contributors

Anthony Gallegos

Additional Design

Aimee Bray

Additional Design

Ben Gilbert

Additional Writing

Aimee Jones

Additional Character Concepting

Frank Zurick

Additional QA

Joshua Jones

Additional QA

Zach Nitz

Additional Design, Announcer VO


Welcome to the Press page for Sumo.  If you need any additional information or would like anything provided in a different format, let us know and we’ll make it available.

After fighting over control of three boost stations on the arena, a Zenryu player can launch his special ability - soaring into the air, hovering for a couple of seconds, while gaining control of a targeting marker on the arena.  Shortly after, Zen crashes down onto the marker's location, severely knocking back other players caught in the blast radius.

Each arena in Sumo offers unique ways to send your opponents careening off the map, ranging from runaway trains in Railway Rumble, explosively pressurized pipes in the WaterWorks, to cosmic meteor impacts in Sumo in Space.

Sumo supports up to 4 players in local or online play.

Currently, Sumo is released in Early Access and will continue to grow over time leading up to a main release.  New characters and arenas are already in development, and future content will be shaped directly by player feedback during the Early Access period.

Sumo is planned to be released to console platforms, but none can be confirmed at this time.

Sumo is an all-ages, physics-based party game built in Unreal Engine 4.  In a series of short matches, players fight to stay on an arena by rolling their spherical characters into each other, bumping opponents off the stage or into hazards.  The only way to be defeated in Sumo is via "ring out".

Sumo features unique characters, such as our flagship wrestler, Zenryu.  Each character can Jump and Dash across the arena to try to out maneuver their opponents, and can build up to a character-specific unique special ability. 

Game Information

Technical Information

Sumo is built in Unreal Engine 4, entirely in its native Blueprint system.  No code was written for this project or any of its features, including online multiplayer.



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Studio Information

Table 9 is primarily comprised of two developers with nearly a decade of experience in the industry - a duo of brothers, both formerly in the "big studio" world of Silicon Valley, working on the former MMORPG Marvel Heroes Omega for Gazillion Entertainment.  After hard times fell upon the studio (and the industry as a whole), they decided to pursue developing games of their own.


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