Table 9 is primarily comprised of two developers - a duo of brothers, both formerly in the "big studio" game development industry in Silicon Valley, working predominantly on the former MMORPG Marvel Heroes Omega.  After hard times fell upon the studio (and the industry as a whole), they decided to pursue developing games of their own.


One half of the Table - Mike handles most of the game implementation, marketing, and visual effects.

Creator of Things

Mike May


Freelancer Matt handles all of our concept and 2D art asset needs, and does so with style.


2D Art Wizard

Matt Hubel


Freelancer Nick brings his mastery of audio to Sumo, making every hit, bump, and ability sound fantastic.


Audio Expert

Nick Mastroianni

The other half of the Table - Dan handles primarily game audio, build management, QA, design, and art tasks.

Designer of Things

Dan May


Freelancer Jayna brings our characters and environments to life with her incredible 3D modelling work.


Modelling Guru

Jayna Pavlin


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Sumo is a multiplayer physics-based party game for up to 4 players.  Use a combination of wits, special abilities, and spherical physique to wrestle human or AI opponents over the edge of irrationally hazardous Arenas.


There is only one objective - Be the last sphere standing.

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